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We know the logistics business and will use our years of experience to help you manufacture and deliver your products on time, every time. We’ll listen to your business needs, then tailor a solution that’s unique to you.

Parsec Logistics
White-Glove Logistics
We understand that your most sensitive deliveries require a little something more.
Total Quality 
Our reliable, discreet and highly experienced staff guarantees the quality you can expect from us.
On-time delivery
We provide businesses with cost-effective ways to build customer loyalty with on-time delivery.
About our company
Reliable courier and logistics services
On time, flexible, and transparent
White Glove Delivery
Transport by road
Dedicated Transport
We understand that items of value require special care. That’s why we offer white glove delivery and setup for our client’s peace of mind. Our on-site services include placement of products, assembly, unpacking and removal of debris at the shipment’s destination.
Safe and Secure
Value Added Services
Specialised services for customised solutions

Logistics Solutions That Deliver

PARSEC Logistics offers our customers courier services. All designed around your unique needs.
Pharma Services
The handling of medical supplies and life-saving pharmaceuticals require a high standard of quality and attention. Parsec Logistics has a track record of meeting and exceeding those standards with strict adherence to industry standards.

AMS Airport Services

Parsec Logistics is your partner in the Amsterdam Airport. Our drivers are in possession of a valid VOG/MLV certificate and a valid ACN pass. They also have the necessary knowledge in the airport to be able to complete your assignments in a time-saving manner.
AOG Services
Aircraft On Ground Services is a designation for time critical shipments where aircraft parts must be rushed to a destination. We provide this service 24 hours 7 days a week.
ADR Services
Do you have an urgent shipment with ADR goods? We can transport your shipment up to 1,200 kg for you through both the Netherlands and Europe. Our drivers have an ADR certificate and our fleet complies with the ADR regulations.

Ship Deliveries

We are experienced in picking up and delivering vessel deliveries all over Europe. Whether we need to pick up or deliver to a launch station, on board the ship or sail along with a Multi Cat, we will make sure your shipment is delivered.
Our certificates
  • NIWO
  • GDP
  • ADR
  • MLV
  • MLB
Ship Deliveries
Managing deliveries of packages to and from vessels can be a cumbersome process.

Why don't you let Parsec handle this? We can pick up and deliver your shipments all over Europe at any time of year - even at night. We are available round-the-clock and we offer unbeatable prices.

We have everything covered from planning to delivery, so you don't have to worry about your shipment sitting unsupervised somewhere. Get in touch today to find out more about our services.
AOG Service
Air transport does not end the moment you walk away from the airplane. You need to transport those aircraft parts or cargo to their destination point as fast as possible.

Parsec logistics is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service for all urgent parts delivery needs of airlines.

To find out just how Parsec Logistics can help your business, contact us today.
ADR Service
If you have a shipment with ADR goods, you don't always have time to transport it yourself. And if there's a delay, your deadline is at risk.

Parsec Logistics offers its customers safe and fast transportation of ADR goods in both the Netherlands and Europe using professional drivers who have an ADR certificate and well-kept vehicles that comply with the regulations relating to hazardous substances.

We at Parsec Logistics have experience in transporting goods that are subject to ADR regulations. By taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can save you time and money.
Pharma Delivery
Each day, your company may be faced with the challenge of transporting life-saving pharmaceuticals or consumables from regional hospitals.

The process of delivering these products must be accurate, controlled and fast. Delays in delivery can have dire consequences for patients in need.

Parsec Logistics is [ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007] certified, the highest quality standards in the industry. They guarantee that your medical supplies arrive in a timely manner, with all safety procedures in place, at the correct temperature and location.
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We will respond within 1 hour. In case of emergency call +31(0)6 34 45 81 09
Request a Quote
We will respond within 1 hour. In case of emergency call +31(0)6 34 45 81 09
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